Mangla Trade Hub

Presenting Mangla Trade Hub, designed for the elite few for whom Business as usual is not enough. Landmark aesthetics, world-class amenities and a prime location are just some of the features that make Mangla Trade Hub the finest business address in the city. The intelligently designed retail and corporate spaces will provide your business with an unmatched opportunity for growth.

A premium business premises, it seamlessly blends work and recreation zones to offer an inviting and stimulating work environment that is sure to enhance productivity. Simply put, Mangla Trade Hub offers you business spaces that are truly business class.

Prepare to be the centre of attraction at Mangla Trade Hub. The techno-aesthetic facade is designed to be a visual spectacle as you drive up to road leading to it while offering you a glimpse of the high-life within. The magnificent first sight is further enhanced by contemporary lines, sleek textures and ultra-premium finishing. After all, your business must match your style.

Mangla Trade Hub is poised to become the most happening and exquisite shopping destination with three floors of high-end retail units, crafted to perfection. The sheer scale and the unique geometry of the frontage are sure to draw instant attention to your outlets. The vibrant surroundings with generous dashes of greens in the open courtyards extend a warm welcome and promise an exciting shopping experience.

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