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We fuse innovation and tradition, crafting homes and workspaces that realize dreams. Through cutting-edge design, we enhance lives, uniting modern sensibilities with timeless charm in our client-focused communities.


Setting industry standards, we create contemporary spaces while preserving timeless allure. At Mangla Group, we lead in quality for residential and commercial projects, shaping the future of real estate.


Spaces transcend structures; they’re experiences and memories. We blend innovation with tradition, emphasizing integrity and transparency. Our environments inspire, capturing timeless beauty and dreams.


Rooted in our philosophy, sustainability guides us. We create spaces that enrich lives while respecting and protecting the environment for future generations. It’s our commitment to harmony between humanity and nature.

Corporate Profile

We are Mangla Group

In the heart of Vadodara’s bustling real estate scene stands Mangla Group, a beacon of reliability and innovation. Mangla Group isn’t just a name; it’s a promise of a brighter future, a commitment to creating spaces where dreams thrive, and a dedication to crafting living experiences that stand the test of time.

Join us in this journey towards a future defined by excellence, where your desires find a home and your aspirations become reality.

More than just properties, we are committed to providing you with trust and value.

Our journey began in 1981, fueled by a passion for our work that has only grown stronger with time. With over four decades of unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional residential and commercial solutions, we have etched our name as a trusted leader in the industry. Our diverse portfolio, featuring Luxury Apartments, Villas, Residences, Townships, Farmhouses, and Commercial Spaces, reflects our expertise. Our engagement in land plotting projects underscores our commitment to dependable real estate solutions.

We believe in staying ahead of our time, evident in the rare blend of luxury, affordability, and class that permeates every project we undertake. We envision achieving international standards of excellence across all facets of our business, all while prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else. Our mission is simple: to bring smiles to the faces of our cherished customers in Vadodara, elevating lives through aspiration and innovation.

The Management

Meet Our Backbone!

Our organization is built upon the pillars of Honesty, Transparency, Loyalty, and Trustworthiness, forming an unwavering foundation of integrity and reliability.

Success Mantras

  • Excellence in Every Brick and Stone
  • Unwavering Values & Ethical Standards
  • Dedicated to Achieving Perfection
  • Fulfilling Customer Delight
  • Crafting Dreams, Nurturing Trust
  • After Sale Service

Mangla has a distinct style of working; we are
more of innovators and less of builders.

Mr. Kirit C. Patel

Our Leadership

From a glorifying past to a striving future, our leaders keep the legacy alive!

Mr. Kirit C. Patel

Meet the visionary behind Mangla Group, Mr. K. C. Patel, a distinguished figure in the realm of real estate.

With a degree in Civil Engineering from M. S. University – Vadodara (1963) and a postgraduate degree from Michigan State University, USA (1964), he’s a certified Chartered Engineer.

Mr. K. C. Patel embodies the perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical acumen. Under his astute leadership, Mangla Group has risen to prominence as a trailblazer in Vadodara’s real estate landscape. Before leading Mangla Group, Mr. K. C. Patel spent 17 years teaching at M. S. University – Vadodara while also working as a Consulting Engineer. With over 53 years of real estate experience, he’s respected and admired as a builder, engineer, and leader.

Holding a prestigious Chartered Engineer certification from “The Institution of Engineers” (India) and recognized as a Government of India Approved Valuer, his commitment defines Mangla Group’s industry legacy. Mr. K. C. Patel’s leadership fosters top-performing teams for outstanding properties.

Mr. Manish K. Patel

A stalwart within the Mangla Group, Mr. Manish K. Patel has lent over 3 decades of invaluable experience to our Real Estate endeavors.

Under his seasoned guidance, Mr. Manish K. Patel has honed his skills, becoming a seasoned professional in the construction sector. His designs exemplify a harmonious blend of modernity and contemporary vibrancy.

Mr. Manish K. Patel spearheads the Designing, Land Acquisitions, and Operations facets of our organization. His leadership philosophy underscores the amalgamation of individual strengths, culminating in high-performing teams poised to create exceptional projects.
Throughout his career, Mr. Manish K. Patel has collaborated closely with his team, successfully delivering an array of innovative and ambitious projects. These ventures, characterized by meticulous planning and swift execution, have consistently upheld our commitment to punctuality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Mr. Sitesh G. Parikh

“At Mangla, we hold customer satisfaction in the highest regard. We often go the extra mile to ensure our clients’ experiences are truly exceptional,” affirms Mr. Sitesh G. Parikh, a seasoned Civil Engineer with over 37 years of comprehensive experience in the real estate sector. His proactive knowledge and expertise span every facet of the industry.

With a rich background encompassing all aspects of the construction field, Mr. Sitesh G. Parikh possesses the confidence and capability to successfully execute projects of any scale or complexity. As the guiding force of our organization, he unwaveringly upholds the values of trust, integrity, and unwavering commitment in every endeavor we undertake.


Words speak for themselves about what our clients feel.

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